Brother Emmanuel Anaman

As a moslem, I believe my conversion did not come out of the blues but by divine predestination. It all happened during a discussion with some brethren that I became prompted in my spirit that there is a God who has made a better sacrifice than what we were making.

Brother Francis Amissah

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretched like me. Amen.
I am Francis Amissah. I came across this precious faith in the year 1988 through my cousin who introduced the message to me after I had left Islam. I found that indeed the Lord has really visited this generation. And he is calling out his own. So I heeded to the call.

Brother Isaac Owusu

It was in the year 1993 that I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. After roaming in the world of sin, the Lord called me out and gave me a new life. I am now born again, Holy Ghost filled Christian and I am married with five boys and a girl.

Brother Isaac Mensah

Isaac Mensah is my name. I was born on 8th May 1968 at Kumasi Amakom. I am a Mechanic by profession and works with Hyspec Company Ltd. l came to know the Lord and this truth of the end time message in December 1986. Georgina is my beloved wife and we have two children, Esther and Mitchell. The Lord has also called me to serve on the deaconry.

Brother Franklin Arthur

I was born a Methodist and remained a Methodist until I came into contact with the message of the hour. I thank God for my late mother-in-law who was very instrumental in my coming to this glorious message. She was a staunch member in this message till death. She also introduced my wife and later my children to the message. The character of my wife and children became a real challenge to me, so when my wife invited me to church one day, I did not hesitate. This happened in the year 1997 and I have never looked back since then. In 2007, I was called to the deaconry. I am forever thankful to God for His Grace that ushered me into this glorious truth.