Brother John Impraim (Head Pastor )

I was born into a strict christian home, and followed my mother to church from my infancy. To have a quiet and peaceful meal in my home, one has to attend four services each Sunday. Influence by my parents, I was pious and very zealous in my orthodox faith, till I had the passion to be in the clergy in the future.

But my christian journey turned around at the age of sixteen (16) in the second year, in High School. God divinely connected me to a classmate, who also happened to be in the school fellowship with me. His name is Martin Owusu Banahene from Tema. Our friendship grew stronger till we became like brothers. It was during this time that he introduced to me the Endtime Message, brought through God’s prophet William Marrion Braham. It was after reading the first book, “ A Prophet Visits South Africa” and some Tracts, that I realised, though I had a great zeal in a Christian home, I was only religious, and needed Christ as my personal savior. In that same year, 1977, I gave my life to Christ, and was baptised by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friends, from that time, my life has been transformed, and my soul always filled with Joy unspeakable to serve in His vineyard. To Him alone be the glory! Amen.