Other Ministers

Brother Emmanuel Anaman (Minister, Missionary)

As a moslem, I believe my conversion did not come out of the blues but by divine predestination. It all happened during a discussion with some brethren that I became prompted in my spirit that there is a God who has made a better sacrifice than what we were making.

Brother Bright Sconi (Minister, Youth)

As the psalmist said, when the deep calls the deep responds. I was yearning for the true salvation and due to this quest, I gladly accepted every invitation extended to me by people closed to me, but none of them gave me the true meaning to my search. It was one finest gentleman by name Brother Vincent who invited me for fellowship at African Advance BBF at Ashaiman, specifically Africa Advance. Infact, I nearly turned down the invitation on the assertion that they are all the same.

Brother Victor Nsafoah (Minister, Music)

I came into contact with this truth in the year 1984. It all happened so miraculously after reading a book that belonged to my elder brother in the message, entitled ‘The Laodicean Church Age’. The good Lord touched me after reading this book. I began to fellowship with brethren, was baptized and my life changed from a street fighter to a Holy Ghost filled believer the same year.