Brother Emmanuel Dadson

My encounter with the end time message still remains a mystery to me as I was born in a Methodist home and have held onto the Methodist faith as the absolute until I started my secular job with Anglogold Ashanti in 1994 in Obuasi as an Accountant when all of sudden in one Sunday afternoon I experienced an uncontrollable desire to seek for God after waking up from sleep. Such a craving desire for God got me out of the room and was roaming in Obuasi Bedieso in search for the true church to attend. Two churches (Pentecost and Deeper life) quickly came to mind and were competing for selection but Pentecost was ringing louder in my thoughts.

I did not understand why that sudden hunger for God, so l began to fellowship with the Restored Saints Tabernacle (REST) Church at new Nsuta, now Bible Believers Chapel upon an invitation from a working colleague Ato Kwamina Appiah. On that faithful day, I heard the pastor preaching hard against sin and continued after the sermon with a hot boiling prayer which I had not witnessed such a sermon and a prayer before so I became convinced that was the true church God wanted me to attend. The hunger for the truth ended there and then.
I ended the search for the truth on the pathway to Pentecost Church and gave up my life to God and was baptized in 1995 in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and have since noticed a remarkable and a complete transformation in my personal life. I have no desire to do the things I used to do any longer ever since I came into contact with this truthful message of the hour and I am ever convinced this is the truth that can surely convert a sinner into saints.
Since then, I have continuously been serving the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind and have been in His service as “a vessel in His hands” and also as a member of the Trustee Board. I have a wonderful family with sister Lydia Dadson as my beloved wife and Emmanuel Dadson Junior as our wonderful son.